: T H E J O U R N E Y P A G E :

Pulling up in Anchorage after the Yukon (more on that later) is like waking up from a dream.  We have spent the first few days doing "pre-production".  


This is the time that we plan out objectively what "sounds" we need to record.  It's a lot different than a live show.  We have to ask:  Inside any given song, what is the melody comprised of?  What instrument plays it best?  Through what amplifier?  What Drums?

Essentially we need to compile a check-list of objectives to accomplish that way we are assured to have captured everything we need at the end of the week.  

We're sleeping, eating, and living in this studio, and we will begin making music in the morning! Strand Of Oaks, out of Philadelphia, is doing a live show in the studio tonight (check them out HERE). 

Tomorrow we go on the record, so looking forward to sharing all of this with y'all!  -HB

Jordan BaronComment