His hat hangs in a 1968 Airstream parked on a Washington ranch, bordering five peaks eyeing down the Columbia River.  Towering wind-mills sing, groan, and boom as they cut steady wind amongst the bawling and the churning rustle of hoofs.  There is music here. This is the soul of Harrison B.

Harrison B

Lascassas, Tennessee born, Jordan Baron came up as most do. Music was everywhere.  Surrounded by country, roots, traditional folk, and blues he learned the guitar on his Grandfather’s knee.  Car rides with Mom brought the oldies, and Dad’s truck thumped southern-rock and James Brown.  On pop radio, hip-hop dominated the air with innovative production and beats.  He began making music, and once grown left the South on a 4,000 mile journey North to discover his sound, and himself.  

“At the time, Nashville just didn’t want to hear what I had to say. I was looking for a space big enough to hold my imagination, and Alaska seemed a good place to start.”

West coast influence brought indie rock while trekking wild places along the way.  He ended up in Juneau, Alaska and began performing for the locals.  Those performances continued to swell until the bars were full, spilling into performance halls opening for national acts. Continually forging his new direction, he left Alaska and traded one far perspective for another. In Uganda, Africa he wrote the first song establishing the same style he embodies today, and once returned to Tennessee, Harrison B was born.

“Things happen when you travel that awaken parts of you untouched.  Being paced by a Bobcat… Facing a mother bear… Singing in ice caves below a glacier… Watching the sun set at the Equator… I know these moments are in my music.”

He describes his unique style as “Progressive American Soul” ~ an innovative meld of diverse genres veining seamlessly within a foundation of blues, rock and soul. Lyrically immersive storylines touch deeper than the surface, tempting the listener to explore their own emotions.

“To this day, every new genre I find, I see a new angle of expression.  I allow myself the freedom to bring facets of genre together, and in doing so create a unique genre.  My goal is to enable the listener the freedom to explore music as boldly as I look to do.”

The bands most recent work, ARENA, was recorded primarily at Studio 2200 in Alaska. The project was crowd-funded while Harrison embarked on the 10,000 mile return drive from Nashville, TN to Anchorage, AK.

ARENA is a 10-track pilgrimage guiding the listener down the winding roads of perseverance and discovery. The production echoes his story with a quilting of sounds from all over the board.  His raw, honest vocal delivery stands anchor to his sound.  Pulsing rhythm and hook-sensibility grab the listener from track one, as each plays through with individuality, all-the-while in-line with the album’s cohesion.

ARENA showcases Harrison’s recording chops and musicianship. He co-produced the album, performing all instrument and vocal tracks (excluding drums) with few exceptions. [Highlights such as “With A Smile On”— an original twist on an alternative rock sound (i.e. Black Keys/Red Hot Chili Peppers); “I’m Only”— A blues rock packed hammer of brutal honesty (i.e. Gary Clark Jr., Rage Against The Machine); ”Bleeding Hearts And Broken Hands”— this lyrical short story spans a Bollywood-Rock inspired verse with a Springsteen-anthem chorus; and “Kookaburra”— a lyrically-quick cut accompanied by a sticky, tribal rhythm (i.e. Citizen Cope)]

At the release of ARENA, Harrison B was generating serious buzz as an independent artist, and caught the attention of producers at NBC’s “The Voice.”

“While it was an off-and-on year-long commitment, it was a great opportunity, and quite the experience.”

A true road warrior, the multi-talented entertainer has paid his dues from the ground up. Beginning in bars and coffee shops, and building to opening for nationally renowned acts, at festivals, and universities, his following steadily grew. All together he has toured consistently for over six years. With this knack for catering to all diverse audiences and settings, he’s played stages canvassing all corners of North America.

Poised to become a founding father of a new direction in music, Harrison B is a visionary who is opening doors for a most-welcomed modern genre, and a movement all its own.



Harrison B Band photo

“Great voice, great look…”     

~ Adam Levine

“Tennessee native Harrison B weaves conflicting influences into a semblance of new reggae and progressive American soul.”

~  the Stranger, Seattle, 2017


~ Mark Tamburino, Songwriter; Air Personality, SiriusXM

Blending Alt-Rock and Indie, Soul, Blues, & Hip-Hop, this album engages the listener on a track-by-track basis and refuses to sit idly in a box. Authentic & anthem filled, ARENA's blend of the Old South and the Modern World bleeds out the speakers as an honest voice who has lived what is spoken. From driving rhythm, deep synths, and Classic Rock era guitar leads, ARENA demands your attention.


“You’ve got some stellar songs and they’ve got a lot of depth to them. You’ve gotten me into liking hip-hop music”

~ Host, Katie Bausler, Arts @ 360, Alaska Public Television

 “It’s like they took everything good and put it in a blender.”

~ Matt Petty, Digital Marketing Guru

“Such a good energy”

~ Miley Cyrus

“Love this!”

~ Jack Higgins, Jam In the Van


Harrison B - ME (Official Music Video)

Harrison B - I'm Only (Official Music Video)

I’m Only B-Reel Music Video




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